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The specification of the
Open Data portal

Open Data portals impact positively on building social initiatives. They fit in with the idea of an open city that is friendly to the inhabitants and tourists. Open data is one of the basic elements of democracy, based on transparency and social participation. They are a promise transparency of the city's operation and better quality of officials' work.

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Open Data Portal functionality:

  • All data collected in one place - that facilitates efficient data management, updating and searching for information;
  • Sharing data via API – can be used as source of data for other systems;
  • Data categorization - transport, education, sport and recreation, demography, spatial data, events, social and environmental issues;
  • Efficient search engine that enables searching for results not only within individual categories, but also in the files themselves - this solution enables quick and accurate access to the desired data;
  • Publication of additional information (CMS) – ex. News, messages etc.
  • Reminders about updates of the published data
  • Individually set portal’s layout
  • Automatic files conversion and processing of data in the form of different charts, tables, graphics, etc.
  • Data presented in a variety of ways – tables, maps, charts and images. The message is simple and transparent.
  • Export of the most important information of each category;
  • Analysis of the number of downloads, visits, popularity etc.
  • Handling requests for additional data share;
  • Flexible set of responsibility and authority - to update and publish data, enabling signing in to the organization of the Office's work;
  • Integration of Open Data Portal with Pro System for project management
  • Sharing data on social media
  • Classification of the data openness – data is automatically classified according to the international standard based on the ease of their use;

Creation of the Open Data portal refers to the Public Data Opening Program which is currently being implemented by the Ministry of Digitization, addressed to all public administration units.

IT Portal Architecture

We use Solr server, thanks to which we get search results in formats such as pdf, json, xml, text files. We use the PostgreSQL system to manage relational database, and we have achieved great efficiency thanks to the Redis system. The open Data portal is based on open solutions such as Angular and Django.

Creating Open Data Portal

  1. layout

    1. Preparation of portal layout

  2. Installation

    2. Installation

  3. Training

    3. Training for City Hall Employees

  4. Implementation support

    4. Implementation support

  5. warranty

    5. 12-month warranty

Terms of warranty

We provide a 12-month warranty for IT services. We use our own bug reporting application - LadyBug, thanks to which users can directly send a report to the development team. We classify errors according to their type - critical (making it impossible to use the system), serious or trivial, and the procedure of fixing errors starts according to their hierarchy, starting from critical, through serious, to trivial ending. The development team is receiving errors on business days from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

About Whiteaster

We are helping to spread access to the information by developing Open Data Portals. We developed a system that allows you to add data sets to the Open Data portal quickly and accurately. We are dynamic team of young web developers and UI/UX designers, led by experienced specialists. We design and code easy-to-use mobile and web applications, as well as software using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.



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