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Additional benefit for the city

Integrate Open Data Portal with PROsystem application

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Why is it worth it?

The implementation of planned investments induces interest in every city. Residents want to receive reliable information about the progress of works and the dates of their implementation. Unfortunately, the frequent lack of transparency and orderly information in localities translates into social impatience.

Smart solutions

The idea of Smart City focuses, among others, on social activation through unrestricted access to public information, including information on the implementation of urban investments. Therefore, an effective solution is to connect the Whiteaster Open Data portal with the PROsystem application.

Integration of systems

Open Data

The first Open Data portal in Poland based on such innovative, global solutions! Our initiative also fits into the popular idea of Smart City. It is an element of the image of a modern "open" city, which encourages involvement in the life of local communities.

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A modern application for managing complex projects. It was created with the idea to enable effective functioning of every company, organization and administrative unit.

What does your city gain?

  • transparency of the city's activities related to projects and the implementation of investments
  • streamlining of the work on investments
  • fast and efficient implementation of projects
  • greater comfort of work for all members of the project team
  • structured documentation of the entire project gathered in one place
  • supervision of the data collected in one place
  • increasing the interactivity of urban infrastructure
  • improving the efficiency of the work of officials
  • raising the level of communication and social activity
  • economic development of the city, greater competitiveness on the market, new investors

The PROsystem integration module guarantees

Cloud Simple and convenient sharing of datasets on the Open Data portal.

Reports Present data in the form of work schedules, photos, files and reports.

Arrangement Immediate transfer of information on key investments in the city.

Information Information sorted in a feasible manner.

Krzysztof Zielosko

"The openness of the authorities is the basis of "good governance". Urban investments, as well as budgetary matters, are of great interest to the citizens. The effects of these investments are evidence to the dynamic development of cities and communes. PROsystem is the first of the solutions integrated with Open Data portal built by Whiteaster. The system organizes and facilitates the registration of projects and their results. Thanks to the integration with Open Data, this information can be quickly and easily made available to the residents. We hope that both PROsystem and other solutions will meet with a similar response from the public to that of Whiteaster Open Data.”

Krzysztof Zielosko, CEO of Whiteaster
Marek Uziel

"Efficient management of projects by public administration units cannot take place without informing the public about particular stages of their implementation. This transparency is important when city councils, for example, prepare a civic budget”

Marek Uziel, Director of Sales and Marketing at Whiteaster


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with theINFORMATION CLAUSE for personal data processing and the PRIVACY POLICY