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Additional benefits for the city

Integrate Open Data portal with GISee module

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Why is it worth it?

GISee is a map extension of the Open Data portal, which sets new trends in the world of open data. Using this solution, you will be able to visualize the data on maps and thus draw geographic information from them, i.e. richer and more transparent data.

Smart solutions!

Smart City is an intelligent, interoperable environment using modern IT technologies. GISee is based on the technology of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), while maintaining current standards, development trends and good practices. The solution allows for efficient handling of geographical data, and is flexible enough to integrate with various portal and mobile applications.

Module integration

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GISee application

When creating GISee we focused on the quality. High ergonomics of tool handling guarantees comfortable use of the module. In addition, the solution is efficient. It allows for quick data import and export, and high speed map window view changes in operations such as zooming, moving the map, as well as when switching on/off or changing the style of displayed data.

Open Data

The first Open Data portal in Poland based on such innovative, global solutions! Our initiative also fits into the popular idea of Smart City. It is an element of the image of a modern, "open" city, which encourages involvement in the life of local communities.

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What does your city gain?

  • supervision of the data collected in one place
  • transparency of actions
  • increasing the interactivity of urban infrastructure
  • improving the efficiency of the work of officials
  • raising the level of communication and social activity
  • Map resources made available, can be downloaded in the source format or reused through the API functionality.
  • economic development of the city, greater competitiveness on the market, new investors

The portal user is given the possibility to:

  • select the background of the map
  • enable/disable vector object layers
  • change the transparency of the layers
  • browse through sets of layers according to their subject matter, e.g. map for cyclists, map for tourists, map for investors, points with available WiFi, etc.
  • navigate through the map window

Integration with the GISee module supports

Map Different map compositions and data arranged in layers

Sign Marking your own places on maps with the use of GPS service

Ruler Access to tools for measuring and creating sketches on maps

Localization Searching for the location of objects on the map based on the attached data

Information Fast, intuitive and easy access to spatial information

Tomasz Drobny

“Using our solution, you have the opportunity to retrieve the so-called geoinformation from your open data. This gives you more opportunities to manage your city and benefit from the social capital of your residents. All undertakings, events or plans related to the functioning of cities, communes or provinces, usually have a spatial character. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have modern IT solutions that enable us to obtain data in geographical form that makes it possible to process and analyze them, and to present them in the form of high-quality maps.”

Tomasz Drobny, GIS Specialist Whiteaster
Robert Jakubas

“The visualisation of open data on maps is crucial for increasing the competitiveness and economic development of the city. Thanks to the transparency of geoinformation, investors coming to the city gain, among other things, data on investment areas available in a given area - land for sale. In addition to the browsing, the available map resources can also be downloaded and reused via the API.”

Robert Jakubas, Project manager


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